The natural way to
communicate, navigate and control

Capwings is a low cost, highly accurate, compact and easy to use device that will revolutionize the growing gesture recognition market. By placing the Capwings on your hands, you will be able to control any chosen device with your gestures. It will be the natural way to control computers and the communication will flow in a unprecedented way. Additionally, Capwings can also be used to facilitate the overall experience with VR and AR. Gesture recognition is the future, and Capwings have the best technology.

Keyboard & Mouse

Cap Wings will be the natural next step from the mouse and the keyboard. Take for example the growing markets of VR and AR. The biggest limitation with VR and AR today is the technology that reads the hand motions. The simple technology that a normal mouse and keyboard offers is now here at high precision and with the natural feel the consumer
demands. With Capwings you get an extremely precise and peerless experience that enables you to do amazing things as well as take full advantage of VR and AR.

Sign Language

Cap Wings will enable hearing impaired people to communicate effectively with others, with computers and mobile phones through gestures and signs. This is achieved through its advanced gesture recognition device that translates the sign language into text. Imagine enabling hearing impaired children in developing countries to learn sign language. 


In vision-based interfaces for video games, gestures are used as commands for the games instead of pressing buttons on a keyboard or moving a mouse. This kind of interaction could improve the gaming experience on all smart devices. With Cap Wings, the experience is extremely immersive and realistic. For example you can play boxing games like you really are in a fight. There is no question about it, the next big revolution in gaming is wearable computing. And with Capwings you can for the first time truly unlock its full potential. 




The minds behind Capwings

Dr. Lars Asplund

CTO & Inventor

Lars has more than 25 years of experience as a professor in the field of Computer science. A highly experienced professor and engineer with tons of experience in inventing and launching new products in the market specifically catered to machine vision and embedded systems. Lars is one of the founders of Unibap AB, which is now on Nasdaq First North.

Patrik Smede


Started a Internet service company called Gastro Gate which he made successful and later sold. He has considerable sales experience with companies like Feedmee, Aptit Food on Demand as well as serving as a business Coach at Create. Previously he also served as Sergeant first class at the Swedish Naval Rangers.

Lisa Guan


Lisa is a highly experienced business development professional. She has implemented different projects while being involved in investment, contact, procurement, sales, price, internal control and information technology. She also has multi dimensional entrepreneurial experience involving marketing research, material supply management and operations management.


From an idea to a revolution

The story began in 2000. A study conducted in ergonomic virtual keyboards prompted the desire for Lars Asplund, the inventor of Capwings, to create a new gesture recognition device. He wanted to create a device that could provide a ground-breaking solution for users to interact with the machines in a simple and intuitive way. Lars focused his research on vision systems and sensors and combined them with market needs for the past 15 years. Thus he created Capwings Sweden AB.

With him he had a multi dimensional team of 8 people. From its humble beginnings, Capwings has evolved to a phase where it is ready to aim for a mass market approach. Capwings objective is to launch a low cost, highly accurate, compact and easy to use gesture recognition device. The device will be utilized to perform numerous tasks in areas like VR/AR and gaming as well as creating huge social impact for hearing impaired people.


Be part of the future
in communication

You have the opportunity to invest in the technology that will become the standardized way to communicate with computers. The investment possibilities are extremely lucrative when it comes to the rapidly growing VR and AR market as well as the gaming market. For example there are currently 2.2 billion gamers across the world which generated roughly €90.15 billion in revenue in 2017. When gesture recognition becomes the standardized way to control computers, the companies that creates the technology, such as Capwings, will be a big part of this market. Capwings technology, accuracy and years of research will give them an advantage over the competition. This is the chance for you to be part of the future in computer communication. 

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